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Here you can find information pertaining to your Sage GMail account after you graduate.

Alumni Sub-domain (

The IT department provides a separate sub-domain for all Sage alumni. After you graduate you will receive an email notification to your address with specific dates pertaining to when you will need to start authenticating with Google using your new account and the date that we will stop forwarding your old address to your new one. There will be a large time period between the date we migrate your account and the date that we stop forwarding your old account. It is recommend to use this time period to update websites that use your email with your new email and make your contacts aware of your new email address.

What does this mean for me? 

Starting on the date specified in the email notification sent to you, if your username was [email protected] your new username will be [email protected].

Will I keep my saved  e-mails and inbox once I get the new e-mail address?

Yes, all of your data will show up in the new account and the migration will be seamless.

What will happen to messages that are sent to my old address?

After your account has been moved, we will forward any inbound emails that are addressed to your account to your account. There will be a date specified in the email that will signify when we will end the email forwarding and contacts will only be able to reach you at your address.

Will I keep my Google Drive or Google Docs data?

Yes, all of this data will be present in your account.

Will I be able to sign into Google services (GMail, Docs, Drive, ect.) with my account?

From the date we migrate your account onward you will need to use your address to sign into GMail and other Google services.

How long will I keep my new account?

In short, forever. The Sage IT department is committed to providing Google accounts to all Sage alumni indefinitely. You will also retain all of the same benefits like:

  • Unlimited inbox space
  • Ad-free GMail
  • Unlimited Google Drive storage

Questions / Concerns / Help

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to use the button below to ask us a question or raise a concern.

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