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This article is for those who want to check if their Zoom account is currently assigned a Webinar license.

Here's how it's done

Sign In

Visit From there you'll have the option to Sign in.

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After clicking the Sign in button you'll be redirected to Sage's Single Sign-on Portal. Sign in with your Sage email address and Sage password.

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Navigate to the Webinars section

In the left hand navigation pane select Webinars.

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Check Webinar License

If you are currently assigned a webinar license the Webinar tab from the previous step will display the following page:

If no webinars have been created then the list of webinars will be empty, however, you should still see the Upcoming Webinars, Previous Webinars, and Webinar Templates tabs. In the screenshot below a test Webinar was created for demonstration purposes.

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If you are not currently assigned a Webinar license the Webinar tab will display the following information. Note the lack of the Upcoming Webinars, Previous Webinars, and Webinar Templates tabs.

For information on how to request a Webinar license please use the following article: How-To: Request a Zoom Webinar License

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Wrapping up

This article has shown how to check if you are currently assigned a Webinar license. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please submit a service request via

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