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Sometimes tech support will ask you to provide the name of a printer when you're having issues with a printer. Here's how you do that.

Knowing the correct name of the printer will be very helpful when talking to the helpdesk, so they can correctly identify the problem. 

Read the label:

Every Papercut printer should have a label with its name on it.

Some examples are:


Understanding the name:

Because different printers have different functions, we have two major categories

Multi-Functional Printers (MFP), and Printers (PR)

MFPs have the ability to scan to email, flash drives, and network locations, and can also fax if connected to a phone line.

Printers do not have those functions, and are just normal printers. 

Printers with -to- in the name are Toshiba printers and use the ToshibaBW or ToshibaColor print queues. Printers with -hp- in the name are HP printers and use the HP-BW or HP-Color print queues.

Wrapping up

If you come across a printer without a label an still need assistance, please call the helpdesk at 518-244-4777 with your name, location, and a detailed description of the problem. 

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