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You may run into a situation where an IT technician needs to connect to your computer, the computer name is one of the pieces of information the technician will need in order to connect to your computer.

Here's how it's done

To find your PC's name, follow the steps outlined below.

If your keyboard has a Pause/Break key (top right) you can press and hold the windows key (bottom left) + the Pause/Break Key to open the system properties window with the computer name

Open File Explorer

Open up File Explorer (This is the manila folder icon on your taskbar).

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Click on This PC

Locate This PC on your left hand sidebar.

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Open your PC's Properties

Right Click This PC and select the Properties option (located at the bottom). A new window will pop up.

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View the Computer Name

Locate Computer Name in this new window. This is the name of your computer, and you may be asked to provide this information when submitting a service request or if you've scheduled a remote session with a technician.

Please note that your computer name is unique to your computer. The image below is an example of what your computer name will look like.

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Wrapping up

This article has demonstrated how to locate your PC name. This piece of information may be required when submitting a service request, or if you have scheduled a remote session with a technician.

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