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This is a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to install Google Drive File Stream on your Sage PC.

Graduating Soon?

If you're graduating soon check out our article on your alumni google account.

Here's how it's done

Install Google Drive FS

Start by opening Windows Software Center. You can find this program by simply clicking on the windows button and typing "Software Center."

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Now that we have opened the Software Center we are going to double click on Google Drive File Stream, then click install.

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Sign in

After Google Drive File Stream has been installed you will be prompted to log in with your Google account. Enter your Sage email and password.

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Access your files

After you've signed in you can access your Google Drive by opening File Explorer. You'll see it in the side bar as a disk drive.

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Google Drive File Stream does appear twice in your File Explorer side bar. This is not an error. You can remove it from your Quick access sidebar (The top most one in this screenshot) by right clicking on Google Drive File Stream and choosing the Unpin from Quick access option.

Wrapping up

This article assisted you in installing Google Drive File Stream. You now have access to your Google Drive files locally on your Sage PC.

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