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This will be a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to move your personal files from your personal (H:) drive to your personal Google Drive.

Prerequisite software

This article assumes your PC has Google Drive File Stream installed. If you don't have Google Drive File Stream follow along with this article first.

Here's how it's done

Start by opening File Explorer (small tan folder on the bottom of the screen), then click This PC. Here is where you should see your H Drive (red arrow) and your Google Drive File Stream (blue arrow).

click photo to enlarge

Double click on your H Drive and highlight the files you want to transfer. To highlight the contents of your H Drive press the `Ctrl` + `A` keys simultaneously.  this highlights every item. We can now simply drag the items into Google Drive File Stream. It should look something like this.

click photo to enlarge

If you wanted to move over individual files you would simply drag and drop the individual files instead of highlighting every file.

This process could take some time, this depends on the amount of files you are trying to move over. Stay patient and wait for the process to complete before moving on.

Wrapping up

This article assisted you in transferring files and folders from your personal (H:) drive to Google Drive. 

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