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This article will assist you in setting up your Sage email in the GMail mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Graduating Soon?

If you're graduating soon check out our article on your alumni email account.

Table of Contents

Here's how it's done

Download the app

You will need to download the GMail app for your mobile device. Use the links below to download the app to your device.

Select Account Type

Download the GMail app from your app store. Links to the app have been provided at the beginning of this article. Open the application and click the Google account option.

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Provide your login information

Enter in your Sage email address. You will need to use the when entering your email address.

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Enter in your password

Enter in your Sage password, and click Next in the bottom right hand corner.

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Agree to TOS and Privacy Policies

You will need to verify that you agree to the TOS and Privacy Policy, you can do this by clicking the Accept button at the bottom right of your screen. At this time the app will verify your login information and add your GMail account to your phone. The emails should populate for you automatically.

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Wrapping up

This article has shown you how to add your Sage GMail account to the Gmail app on your iOS or Android device. If you need assistance with setting up your Sage email on your mobile device please reach out to the Service Desk!

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