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Computer Workstation, Peripheral & Software Purchases

Reminder: All hardware, software and web services over $500 require VPAP approval. Hardware, software and Peripheral purchases must be coordinated through the Director of IT.

Each year, the college obtains computers, servers, network equipment, projectors and other computer equipment via a capital purchase program. Orders are typically placed in May but planning for expenditures begins at the start of the Spring semester. All student and learning space workstations are on a three-year replacement cycle as are several of the college’s servers. Faculty and staff are typically on a four or five year replacement cycle. The number of new computers/peripherals available each year varies each year depending on classroom, server and network needs as well as pricing. If you have a major item that you would like to have included in the capital purchase, please e-mail the VPAP by February 1.

Allocation and reallocation of computers is based on:

  • Information on the age of equipment from the IT inventory
  • Level and nature of use
  • Availability of new/reallocated equipment (varies each year) 

Obtaining Equipment


Computer workstations (both desktops and laptops) are purchased once a year via the capital purchase program. IT staff identify several viable models based on anticipated use, vendor reliability, and pricing. Laptops are also available if job duties require it and for all faculty. If you believe a replacement is required during the course of the academic year, a request can be made by contacting the Director of IT. Replacements are subject to availability, but in most cases, a recent reallocated computer can be made available for use until the next purchase period.

To secure the best price and ensure proper management, all Sage owned computer workstations must be bought and maintained by the IT department. Workstations purchased by other means will not be supported.

To reduce waste and overhead, the college has a one workstation policy. If an employee works on both campuses, at time of hire the department head should request a laptop rather than two desktops. Allocation of two desktops or a laptop and a desktop must be approved by the Director of IT.


The College has a contract with Toshiba Business Solutions for leasing of networked copier/printers/fax/scanners. These are generally focused in areas where there is a high volume of printing and/or copying. There is a cost associated with these devices and the cost of ownership is charged back to the department (or shared between departments). Requests for these devices should be made to the Director of College Services.

All newly purchased printers must have network capability. Printers for individual offices are generally not provided or approved except for special circumstances. Since the price of laser printers has dropped significantly and the cost of ink jet replacement cartridges is so high, we are no longer purchasing ink jet printers or supporting the purchase of ink jet supplies. If you need to order a replacement printer, please e-mail Purchasing and ask for current specifications and pricing. We generally identify several approved models each year which should meet most needs.

Other Peripheral Devices

Small peripheral devices such as docking stations, speakers, wireless mice, or PowerPoint presenters are the responsibility of the department. Many of these devices are available through OfficeMax. Contact Purchasing for more information

Memory Upgrades

Requests for memory upgrades should be submitted to the IT Service Desk (X4777 or This is a departmental expense.

Classroom Audio-video Technology

Classroom A/V technology is replaced between five and seven years. Special requests should be made via The Technology Project Review Process.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless equipment is purchased through the capital purchase. Departments are prohibited from adding inexpensive wireless access points because they do not provide security and essentially leave an open door to the Sage network. If you are having problems with the strength of the wireless signal in your area, please notify the IT Service Desk of the location.


Microsoft Products

Sage has a Microsoft Campus Agreement which includes a variety of Microsoft Products including:

  • The latest version of Microsoft Office Professional (Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, One Note)
  • Server and Desktop Operating Systems for Sage-owned Equipment

Faculty, staff and administrators who wish to utilize Microsoft Office on a personal device should sign up for a Microsoft Account using their Sage email address to access the installation files. More information about obtaining Office can be found in this article: How-To: Obtain Microsoft Office with your Sage account. Additionally, software discounts for personal devices (non-Sage owned) are also available at this link:


The College has a site license for SPSS. It is installed on most campus workstations as part of the software image. If your license has expired, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The College has a site license for the Adobe Creative Cloud which includes the following products:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Adobe InCopy CC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro XI
  • Adobe Audition CC
  • Adobe Bridge CC
  • Adobe Encore CC
  • Adobe Fireworks CC
  • Adobe Flash Builder Premium
  • Adobe Flash Professional CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Prelude CC
  • Adobe SpeedGrade CC

Additional to Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
  • Adobe Muse CC
  • Adobe Edge Animate CC
  • Adobe Edge Inspect CC
  • Adobe Edge Webfonts
  • Adobe PhoneGap Build
  • Adobe Edge Code (preview)
  • Adobe Edge Reflow (preview)
  • Game Developer Tools
  • Adobe Scout CC


Due to the size of the software suite, it is not included in the standard software image unless specifically requested. If you would like it installed on your workstation, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Other Software

Other software that is not listed here may be available. Please check with the IT Service Desk before making any software purchases. 

Through its membership in NERCOMP (, Sage has access to volume pricing on products offered through a number of software vendors. In addition to volume pricing through NERCOMP, educational pricing is available for most software. Our preferred vendor is Software House International (SHI). Some pricing information is available via their web Contact the IT Service Desk with software purchase requests. Be sure to provide specific information regarding the software to be ordered (PC or Mac, version, etc.). Software required for particular majors but not utilized universally is purchased via departmental budgets.

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