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If you have questions regarding Zoom Webinar functionality please use this article:

Create a Google Calendar Event

Prior to adding events to the calendar you will need to request access to the calendar. Please submit a request via stating you wish to obtain access to the Webinar License Calendar.

Once access has been requested and granted a new Google Calendar will be shared with you, this calendar is called Zoom Webinar License Request

We ask that you create the event at least two weeks prior to your Webinar to ensure that a license is available for you.

In order to provide you with a Webinar license we require that you create a calendar event with the information below, and place the same information in the description of the event. 

  1. First and Last Name of Webinar Host
  2. Sage email address of Webinar Host
  3. Date of webinar
  4. Start and end time of the Webinar

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If you have requested a license on the calendar, and do not see a Webinar license assigned to your account in Zoom by the time your webinar begins please submit a request at

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