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Duplicates should be avoided at all costs but from time to time they are created.


If you find a duplicate, please follow these instructions.

Contact each individual in the following department and provide them with the Colleague ID that is to be used and the one that will be marked as a duplicate.

  • Director of Advancement Resources
  • Assistant Registrar for Data Management
  • Salesforce Analyst and Administrator
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • Accounts Payable Staff Accountant
  • Human Resources Generalist

Coordinate with people on what changes need to be made

Various issues may arise on what needs to be done. There may be a disagreement on what person should be marked as a duplicate.  

Once the data has been moved

Once all the departments have moved their respective data, please following the following steps to complete the process.

  • On NAE, the last name will be changed to DUP and the first name will be changed to XREF xxxxxxx (this is the ID# of the correct record.)
  • On the BIO form, update the Privacy Code to “E”. Once that field is coded, only a few people will have access to this record.
  • Please contact the MIS office by submitting a Jira  ticket at and chose the "MIS Service Desk" option, letting them know that a duplicate has been found and corrected. They will then fix any Sage email address, connections to other systems, or data in other systems.

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