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Video Tutorial

Participants Method

The participants method allows users to select any course enrolled user to send the same message to each selected user. Users will receive the message through Moodle and via email depending on their message settings.

From Your Course Home Page

  1. Find 'Participants' in Navigation Block
  2. Select desired users OR Scroll to the bottom of the screen and 'Select All'
  3. Choose the action 'Send a Message' in the drop-down menu under 'With Selected Users...'.
  4. When the page refreshes, type your message and click 'Send Messge'
    NOTE: You can still remove intended users at this time by selecting 'Remove' next to their name

*Sent messages can be viewed in your Messages section of Moodle.

Announcements Method

The announcements method allows users to send a forced message to all course enrolled users. A new message will appear in your course's Announcement Forum and each user will receive an email.

From Your Course Home Page

  1. Click on the Announcements Forum
  2. Click Add a New Topic
  3. Type a Post Title
  4. Type Body text.
  5. Drag and Drop to add any attachments (Syllabus for ex.)
  6. Click Send

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