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This setup has a cart with a VGA switch box. The switch box has either a knob or two buttons which the user will use to change the inputs. Option A is the Room PC input and Option B is the Laptop input.


Common Issues:

  1. There is a blank screen being projected:

    • Confirm the PC is powered on and that the correct input is selected.

  2. The sound is not working

    • There should be a set of speakers on the smartcart. Make sure those are powered on and connected to the PC. If you are using a laptop the speakers will need to be connected to the laptop for audio.

  3. Projector is not showing the same screen as the monitor, but it is showing a desktop

    • This is usually caused by the display settings being set to extend instead of Duplicate. Press the “Windows” key and the “P” key at the same time to display the project menu. Then select “Duplicate”.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check to make sure projector is turned on.

    • There will be a remote that the user can use to power the projector on.

  2. Check to see which input is selected.

    • There is a VGA switch box with either a knob or two buttons. This box controls the Room PC and Laptop inputs. Have the user confirm that the correct input is selected.

  3. Check to see if the PC is powered on

    • Check to see if the power button is lit. If PC will not turn on have user check to see if the power cable is connected

  4. Check the cables

    • Check to see if there are any loose or unplugged cables.

  5. Check the Project menu

    • Press the “Windows” button and “P” button

    • Select “Duplicate”

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