This article will walk you through accessing Google team drives that have been shared with your Sage G-Suite account.

Here's how it's done

Visit Google Drive

Using a web browser like Google Chrome visit Google Drive by going to either or Log in with your Sage username and password. 

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If you're having trouble remembering your Sage username or password please contact the Sage IT Service Desk at (518) 244-4777. A representative will be able to help you.

If you're already logged in, you will be redirected directly to your Sage Google Drive account without having to provide your credentials. You can continue on to the next step.

Access Your Drives 

After you've logged in you will be brought to your Sage Google Drive account. You can access your team drives by clicking on the button on the left side bar labeled "Team Drives." After click on the team drives button, a list of drives will be displayed to you, access your drives by double clicking on them. 

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Wrapping up

This article walked you through the simple process of accessing Google Team Drives that have been shared with you.

You can access your team drives anywhere by visiting either shortcut link, feel free to bookmark them:

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