When hosting a Zoom meeting you may wish to secure it so that only authorized attendees can join.

Here's how it's done

Log into your Zoom account

Head over to zoom.sage.edu or sage.edu/zoom and click the Sign In button.

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Sign in with your Sage credentials

You will be brought to our Single Sign-On page where you will need to enter your Sage email address and password.

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Open up the meeting settings

On the left-hand navigation bar select Settings.

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Select the Meeting tab

Make sure the Meeting tab is highlighted.

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Make the necessary changes to secure your meeting

Find the setting you wish to alter and ensure the features you want to enable for your meeting are turned on. This could relate to meeting passwords, preventing chat between participants, enabling breakout rooms, etc. We've included an example of a few settings in the screenshots below.

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Wrapping up

This article has demonstrated how to change various settings for your Zoom Meetings.

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