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Printing & Study Spaces

Full-time undergraduate students receive $25 of printing funds on their Papercut accounts in the spring and fall. Part-time and graduate students do not automatically have funds added to their printing accounts.

  • Cash may be added to a student printing account at either library circulation desk during regular hours (weekdays 7:30 am-5:00 pm in the Fall/Spring, 8:30 am-5:00 pm in Summer/intersessions). Kiosks are also available on the first floor of each library for adding exact amounts of cash and coins to printing accounts (no refunds or change will be given).
  • Credit cards can be used to add funds to student printing accounts, although funds will not be available for immediate use. Funds are applied to printing accounts Monday-Friday between 8:30am-5:00pm. You will receive an email confirmation when funds have been added to your printing account. To add printing funds using a credit card, click here.

Printing funds are non-refundable. All student printing quotas are reduced to zero at the end of the academic year (the weekend of Commencement). Funds added after Commencement will remain on student accounts until the following year at Commencement.

How much print quota is deducted per page?

Black and White: 5 cents per page (4 cents/side for double-sided)

Color: 20 cents per page (15 cents/side for double-sided)

Available funds can be checked by going to

Where can I print?

Printing is accomplished by printing to a virtual queue (e.g., ToshibaBW, ToshibaColor, HP-BW, or HP-Color) and logging in at corresponding printer. To log in, swipe your Sage ID card, or type in your username/password or Sage ID number (“PIN Code”).

Large format printing, volume printing, and bindings can be done for a fee at College Services, located in the basement of John Paine in Troy and the basement of the Administration building in Albany.

Printers can be found in the following areas:

LocationCampusAvailabilityPrint Queue
Administration Building Basement

Albany Library, 1st floor

Library, Basement Computer Lab


Kahl Campus Center, outside of Freddie’s

Shea Learning Center, 1st floor

John Paine Basement

Gurley Commuter Lounge

Education Building Basement, Lab M & Lab L


McKinstry Student Center, Computer Lab

Ricketts, 1st Floor Lab

After library hours, students can send print jobs to available printers via Mobility Print.

Study spaces & computers after library hours:

Kahl Campus Center, Freddie’s

Kahl Campus Center, Floors 1 and 2

Kahl Campus Center, Rooms 101 & 104

Kahl Campus Center, Room 347

Buchman Pavillion

Commuter Lounge, Gurley Hall, First Floor

Student Center, McKinstry Hall, First Floor

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