Bulk and specialty copying services are available from College Services

Toshiba Business Solutions

The Sage Colleges has a leasing agreement with Toshiba Business Solutions to provide multi-function printing, scanning, and repair of leased devices. Most of the campus has a leased Toshiba or Lexmark multi-function device within walking distance or within the same building. Utilizing a Toshiba or Lexmark for high volume print jobs is the most cost-effective printing means.

Service on Toshiba, Lexmark, and certain other multi-function devices is provided by Toshiba Business Solutions. To check to see if your device is eligible for service, look for a sticker on the device with instructions on how to request service and supplies. Be sure to note your "Copier #" when requesting service.

If you are having trouble connecting or printing to a device, contact the IT Service Desk. If the multi-function device has an issue (constantly jamming, printing lines on page, ect), contact Toshiba Business Solutions.


Papercut is Sage's Print Management System. The system allows for users to print or copy on any Toshiba/Lexmark device on campus. The Papercut printers should automatically display as options on all Sage Computers.

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