This setup has a black touch screen Crestron control panel. The control panel is usually located near the primary workstation in the room.

Starting the Crestron System

To turn on the Crestron system all you need to do is lightly press on the screen. The system will then boot up.

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Each classroom has a controller device that will

Shea Learning Center - 201 Seminar Room is equipped with additional hardware, and software functionality that allows for phone calls to be made from the control panel.

Shea Learning Center - B01 and 204

SLC B01 and 204 contain the same setup on the control panel. 

Simply, Touch the screen to bring up the main page (if black, touch the screen firmly to "wake it up")

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From here, choose your device input. When selecting the Room PC option the system will display the video output from the computer workstation located in the podium. The Laptop option displays the external HDMI, VGA + Audio, or Component for an external video device. The Blu-ray Player  option displays the video and audio output from the Blu-ray player located in the podium. Once your display option has been selected the projector will turn on, this may take a few moments.

Shutting down the system

When finished please ensure to shutdown the entire system. To shut down the system, press on the Power button located in the bottom right corner of the the touch panel. The following menu will appear, press Shutdown to turn the system off. This may take a few moments.

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Shea Learning Center - 201 Seminar Room

This room has the same functionality as B01 and 204, with the added bonus of being able to make and receive calls, and allows additional inputs from ports in the floor.

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Using the 201-Seminar Room phone

The SLC 201 Crestron Control Panel will operate the same way as the Crestron panels in B01 and 204, however, additional functionality is included in room 201 that enables the ability to make and receive calls. To make a call press the Phone icon on the Home screen.

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Once the Phone application has opened you will be presented with a number pad, and a few phone specific options. Enter in the number you wish to dial and press the Dial button to make your call, and the Hang Up button to end your call. If you have instructed someone to call the room you will need to use the Pick Up option when the call comes in. The Backspace and Clear  buttons allow you to make changes to the phone number you're dialing. Backspace will delete the last number entered, and Clear will remove the entire number from the dialer.

There several buttons located on the bottom of the dialer. The volume buttons located to the left allow you to increase or decrease the audio volume. The speaker icon to the right of that allows you to mute or unmute your speakers, the microphone icon allows you to mute or unmute the microphones in the room.

There are several ceiling mounted microphones in the room, to ensure members of the call can here you properly, it is advised that you talk loudly if sitting further away from the microphones, or to move directly underneath the microphones to speak.

Selecting the video and audio output device

With Shea Learning Center 201, you have the option to select your display and audio independently of one another. To change your display, press on the Display icon, then select the device you want to display. Tap the Home icon in the top right hand corner to return to the Home [main] menu to select your audio device. Tap the Audio icon to show a list of audio devices to choose from. Make your selection and the audio from that device should begin to play through the speakers. 

Shutting down the system

Once you have finished with the system navigate to the Home (or main) menu, and tap the power button located in the bottom right hand corner. A new menu will pop up and give you the option to Cancel or Shutdown. Choose the  Shutdown option to turn off the system.

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